Relevant Entitlement History and Sentiment

Uncertainty makes the land use entitlement process risky. Multiple stakeholders, moving parts and fragmented data make it difficult to sift through the noise.

Take the Guesswork Out of Entitlements

Project specific research at your fingertips in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost.


CODA entitle®
Entitlement Risk Report

Discover friends and foes, applicable processes and fees, as well as potential pitfalls and negotiable conditions.

See voting, process, special circumstance, stakeholder and sentiment trends for projects like yours.

Base reports contain research, analytics and data for 5 projects entitled within a city district. History, regulatory, and sentiment details provided with CODA entitle® report.

Get Your Risk Score!

CODA en·ti·tle® reports highlight key insights about political risk, community sentiment, relevant workflows and realistic expectations for your land use entitlement project.

Data is gleaned from city, open and proprietary datasets and proprietary analytics crunch 165 variables to predict risk.

Base reports start at $799 and can be tailored to broaden scope.
CODA entitle®
Starting at


per report

"The report gave us clarity on how to best prioritize steps for our 48 unit multi-famly project. It saved us months and hundreds of thousands of dollars!"

-Moorpark LLP

Cities in Top U.S. Metros

CODA entitle® reports are available for cities in top real estate investment metro areas.

Passionate about Land Use

Coda Compliance, Inc. is a digital information service and analytics provider for the U.S. Real Estate Market.

Our goal is to take the guesswork out of entitlements. We learn from city, open and proprietary datasets to deliver accurate entitlement expectations/timelines, flag potential pitfalls and unlock the most streamlined path to city approval.

Coda is a team of 6 land use, business, and engineering professionals.

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